Event handling

  • hi to every one
    i am trying to write a program with qt
    i create a form with my qt desigenr,it has a qwidget ,i named it calendarwidget
    then i wrote a widget with my special calendar and i add it to this qwidget with these codes

    jpicker = new JalaliDatepicker(this);
    QGridLayout *layout = new QGridLayout;

    (JalaliDatapicker is my special calendar)
    i wrote some slots for this calendar on my constructor;
    but when i do sth to event happen it does'nt do anything?
    how can i make my program moderate its siganls on this widget?

    Edit: added the @ tags around your code as suggested below, please do that yourself next time; Andre

  • Moderators

    Hi kitten,

    you should enclose your code section with '@' at start and at end.
    Furthermore, you should also post the parts with signal-slot handling.

  • You should show us at least the connect statements. How should we know what's going on without that?

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