Nokia Qt SDK and .deb-building

  • Hi,

    I am using Nokia Qt SDK and trying to get my app to install also a .desktop-file for it on Maemo-devices.

    In my .pro-file I have this block:

    @maemo5 {
    desktop.path = /usr/share/applications/hildon
    desktop.files = $${TARGET}.desktop

    INSTALLS += desktop


    This should install my .desktop-file in the abovementioned folder?

    Well anyway Nokia Qt SDK when building with Madde doesn't follow that. I have to go to "Projects" > "Maemo" > "Build steps" > "Create package" > "Details" and add it manually there. Then it will be added to the .deb-file.

    But this is not suitable for me since this setting is stored in my environment specific .pro.user file which isn't shared with the team in the source code repository. I would need to get the .pro working. Any ideas what is wrong with that clip?

  • The current release of Qt Creator does not evaluate the project file for Maemo deployment. The code above will work with Creator 2.1.

  • Now that Qt Creator 2.1 snapshots are made available you can try with it.

  • Okay, that's great.

    Thanks guys for such a fast response.

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