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Qt app with QML GUI shows only window frame after major Windows10 update

  • Hi,
    After recent Windows` update my qt app won't show
    anything on application window except window frame (see included image)
    Inside MSVC2015 debugger I see that app processes event loop, so it seems working fine,
    something broken with window drawing I guess

    Possible culprits are:
    Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4054022)
    Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4057247)
    These were installed 12/20/17 and windows doesn't get options to remove them except from restoring to previous version of Windows

    Any ideas how the issue can be solved?
    Any help will be appreciated :)

    Win10 Pro x64
    Qt5.7 x32 (updated to 5.10.0 with no avail)

  • Temporarily solved by rolling back to windows 10 build 1703

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