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Problem with QML Audio

  • Good morning to everyone. I have a little problem with QML Audio type : I want to play music in the background of a game. So I used the Audio component and set loop property to Audio.Infinite. The problem is that the media does not play as quick as I want when looping. There is about 0.5 second of latency before the media begins. Itried to used the notifyInterval property to speed up this effect, but the IDE tells that the property is not defined, despite the fact i installed qt 5.10. Please help me. I have to finish this functionnality as quick as possible.

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    Make sure your importa statement is up to date: import Qt.Multimedia 5.10.

    If it does not help, try playing audio from C++, you should have move control over it there.

  • Thank you !! The QtMultimedia 5.9 is installed on my computer and it includes the notifyInterval property but Qt.Multimedia 5.10 does not exists. There is not a dot (" . ") between Qt and Multimedia.

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    @ibia said in Problem with QML Audio:

    Qt.Multimedia 5.10 does not exists

    yes, I think the devs forgot to bump the version, it will be fixed in 5.10.1. But if 5.9 works for you, that's great :)

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