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Qt Embedded webkit can not display jpeg and gif?

  • Hi,

    I am cross-compiling Qt Embedded 4.7.3, but the demo browser can not display jpeg and gif, only pngs can work.
    i have added the following config options:
    -qt-gif, -qt-libjpeg.

    Could somebody explain me what are the requirements to get jpeg and gif with
    Qt/WebKit, and maybe how it is supposed to work?s

  • Never tried embedded but I think that like on desktop one you need plugins for imageformats.

  • i have copied the whole plugins directory to the application's directory~
    and write a qt.conf like as follow:
    Prefix = ./
    Libraries = lib
    Plugins = plugins

    still can not display jpeg.
    do i need to add something to the app's .pro file when building it?

  • Nope. Nothing is needed in .pro. Maybe something with linking specifics at embedded systems, not sure.

    1. you have to copy the plugins directory to the target device
      (as you correctly described)

    2. you have to add a new pluginspath to your qApp->addLibraryPath(qApp->applicationDirPath()+"/plugins")

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