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Displaying objects in multiple QOpenGLViews

  • Hi,

    I have a single QMainWindow which has three separate QOpenGLViews. I load a QImage, transform it into a 2d array of subimages, and transform each of those images to OpenGL objects (where object's definition is this) using a QOpenGLFunctions_4_3_Core* I've borrowed from one of the QOpenGLViews. These objects are rendering correctly on the QOpenGLViews I borrowed the GLFunctions from, but on the other two they aren't rendering. I suspect it's because the widgets aren't sharing contexts, but every stackoverflow link I've found about this says they should be sharing them. This is a bit confusing. Can anyone enlighten me on what's actually happening when I'm trying to render an object on multiple QOpenGLWidgets? Does anyone know how to trick this system to work?

    The code I'm experimenting on is here. In case anyone wishes to see live how the software isn't working, try compiling & running it, loading a new tileset and selecting it in the QTreeView

    Happy holidays!

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