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RPG Creator in Qt

  • Hey Folks.

    It's great to see an official Qt game dev forum -- it goes to show what I've noticed myself -- namely that Qt is at the point now where it's a viable game development library. Honestly, I'd been waiting for this for a long time. I've tried putting together RPG engines in the past, but I've always gotten stuck when I get to the point where I have to put together a user interface. Most game UI libs seem hackish, whereas Qt is extremely robust. But enough gushing. :)

    At the moment, I'm putting together an open source RPG creator, which at the moment is geared toward making top-down 16-bit-style JRPGs (although I imagine isometric support wouldn't be too hard to add). I've got maps, sprites, and basic scripting in place already, although I suspect I have a ways to go before it will be truly useful for actual game creation. When I'm done it'll also be suitable for making action games as well, and not just RPGs.

    What's going to be particularly awesome about it is how easy it will be to debug your creations in realtime. I'm working on setting it up so that you can use the mouse and right-click on various game entities, and that will let you edit their properties and scripts.

    I'm using OpenGL to draw the tile map and sprites onto the screen, in the background of a QGraphicsView. I'd considered having the map and sprites be QGraphicsItems, but for now I've decided against it. I'm curious to go back and give it a shot, though, just to see how it affects the framerate. Has anyone done a comparison?

    Anyway, I'll post screens (and possibly code) later on.



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    That sounds a lot like the maps you can create with "tiled": It is a Qt based map editor for -- among others -- the "manaworld": RPG.

    It is a "only" a map editor for top-down and isometric maps, but it seems to be doing some of the things you want to have. Maybe you can use it for inspiration:-)

    PS: It would be nice if you could mark up the links in your post to actually work.

  • Hmm... It sounds like your ideas may overlap with what the Gluon team is attempting to achieve... Have you tried dropping by the #gluon irc channel on Freenode and chat with the guys there? :)

    (yeah, i'm part of the team, take that as you will ;) )

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  • Do you think that this kind of games would be possible to play on an cellphone like the Nokia N8? That would be great.

  • [quote author="sven.bergner" date="1291282225"]Do you think that this kind of games would be possible to play on an cellphone like the Nokie N8?[/quote]
    I can't see why not really.

    The problem is you have to wait for Qt4.7.1 until there is Qt OpenGL support for Symbian.

  • When you say "those kind of games" are you talking about cRPG games? If yes, I don't think so. RPG were always about the climate and story. I just can't imagine an epic adventure on a few-inches screen.

    On the other hand, electronic character sheets and die simulators on phones are quite handy. But then again, I'm quite a conservative when it comes to role playing. I accepted laptop during sessions only because it gave better way to control music.

  • What I saw so far are Zelda(TM)-like RPG and I play such games on my NDS. So why not on an Nokia N8?

  • Hi,
    I think we are talking about two different things:
    One is computer RPGs and one is standard Pen and Paper with Computer support, right?
    And both could work on an N8.

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