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QCreator won’t fill toolchain combo with all those compilers shown autodetected

  • I have Visual Studio 2010 express installed on x64 PC. My ultimate aim is to get QCreator to compile an x64bit application using the VC++.

    I already compiled QT 4.7.3 succesfully with it, and selected the output as the QT version to work with.

    Yet, QCreator version 2.2.1 (built with QT 4.7.4 (32 bit) will not show the version of compiler I want on the toolchain combobox, even though it autodetects it and shows it on the Options/ToolChains as MS VC++ 10 ( x64) ( and 12 others )

    Is this is cross compilation configuration non-issue that I am not aware of ?

    your support is highly sought and appreciated .

    thank you,

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    I used to work with a very similar setup till I switched back to Linux, so I am confident that this works:-)

    Please try the 2.3RC version of Qt Creator and please check the ABI of the Qt version (displayed when you hover the Qt version in Tools->Options->Qt) and make sure it says that it was indeed built as a 64bit binary. If it was then the 64bit MSVC toolchains should all be available to build applications using that version of Qt.

  • Tobias,

    I was completely wrong on my statement that I successfully compiled the QT4.7.3 with x64 MSVC++ compiler. I found out that I couldn't even get the x64bit components installed in the first place. (I had failed to install those components on VisualStudio 2010 Express version, and didn't know that I had.)

    In short, QT libraries I tried to used were not 64bit binaries.

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