Setting icon to each items head

  • Hi All,

    Now I'm implementing QTreeView with QStandardItem(Model).
    Does anybody know if I can set an icon to the head of each item(row), instead of the default up/down arrow?

    Many thanks in advance for your update!

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  • @VRonin Thanks for an update!
    Yes, I'm reading it right now!
    I want to switch the icon from multiple icon list according to the contents.
    SO,,,,, I need to program to switch the stylesheet (eg.QTreeView::branch:open/close), correct?
    Not sure any alternative solution at the moment..


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    Are you sure you can't work with just the Qt::DecorationRole? what you want to implement is not easy at all.

    Either you subclass a style and reimplement drawPrimitive for QStyle::PE_IndicatorBranch or use the stylesheet to remove the indicators altogether and paint them over manually subclassing QTreeView and reimplementing drawBranches

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