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Seeing QTBUG-30708 - leave generated by QComboBox

  • I am seeing a problem which was reported long ago as QTBUG-30708 but was not followed up on. I am using 5.9 and seeing this. What I have is a QComboBox in another widget. I update the parent widget continually from a timer but when I mouse over the parent widget I want to take manual control, so I ignore timer driven updates on a QEvent::Enter and resume again on a QEvent::Leave. This is working well except for the combo box. As soon as I click on the combo box it generates a Leave on the parent widget. Why does it do this? Makes no sense to me, and of course I can't make a selection on the combo since the update called from the timer keeps setting the combo to what it was before.

    Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a workaround?

  • That bug is for Qt4 and you are on Qt5 - I'd be raising a new bug and see what they say.
    It might be how things are:

    Not a bug, technically, since the combobox popup is a separate toplevel window.

    It looks like the reporter never followed up their need for more information too:

    "This affects bugs which are unassigned, and were not updated for more than a year. "

    My experience with Qt Support and Dev teams so far is very positive - if you can reproduce something or even give a self contained example project to just hit F5 and experience the weirdness ... they get fixed fast.

    Sometimes it's my lack of understanding of how to use it or sometimes it's a bit of both and I get a workaround provided. Whatever I get - it's always a helpful response.

    Mostly, if I reproduce an actual bug and do the work to log it to them and give them a project - next release things are fixed.

    You also may have found an oldie. Or you may be doing things the wrong/hard way... either way I'd log it. And don't just leave them hanging when they need more information or you get stale items like the one you found now.

  • Thanks for your sage advice.

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