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Google to acquire Motorola Mobile ...

  • Another episode of Smartphone Battles: Clash of Ecosystems :)

  • Interesting, when Microsoft will buy Nokia? They did everything that Nokia's price was minimal.

  • It can be a new chance for MeeGo, don't you think so? Major Android vendors like Samsung or HTC will have obviously problems from this acquisition, so maybe MeeGo will be a good choice for their devices in the future.

  • skypjack, I don't think that Samsung or HTC will suffer from this. Motorola will be separate division and will use Android on equal rights with other vendors as Google says.

  • Google says that, of course, however Motorola will have exclusive on Android and the others will suffer the ever-second-position-syndrome.
    I think acquiring Motorola division Google is conscious to broke relationships with the aim of contrasts Apple.
    Do you think that Google had to say: "ok partners, from now on you are out of the door, so long, and thanks for all the fish" ??

  • skypjack, Google is interested in other partners. More partners - more market - more users.

  • Google earns from advertising and I think the more users the more profit.

  • Today Google aims to produce his personal phone, with his personal framework, it's obvious.
    Samsung fails against Apple and HTC would like to have a complex ecosystem with both W7 and Android, the others companies are simply out. Microsoft has de facto acquired Nokia and Apple is Apple.
    Do you think Google would like to play again with the partners, loosing the just initiated war? Do you think that Google wants to remain in the second place for good?
    The mobile market is not principally based on advertising, and the partners slowed growth of Android, that's all.
    Acquiring Motorola mobility division Google says to the world: ok, here we are and we can produce our own devices.
    The relationships were the matter, otherwise what reason was there to buy Motorola mobility division?
    Google wants to fight, not to participate.

  • For the huge amount of mobile tech patents Motorola owns perhaps?

  • If I'm wrong then correct, Moto have over 17 000 patents and they have patent on a mobile phone :-)

  • That's right and it's in support of my thesis. Google has is own mobile division, now. That's enough. How can people say that relationships will not be broken?
    Android do not needs patents owned by Motorola, or better it needs patents owned by all his related vendors. So, who needs patents owned by weaker partner? Google.

  • A question of all: you'd be quiet on the issue Android, and as regards the partnership with Google if you were at the head of Samsung or HTC? I do not believe, I'm sorry.

  • Google needs those patents to fend off the patent attack that has been lunched at Android by M$ and Apple. I'd say that that's the prime reason behind buying Moto, not the need to become a device manufacturer. And as much as I'd like all other Android manufacturers to switch to or at least take up MeeGo just because Google will now own a manufacturing division. I find it very unlikely at best.

  • Samsung needs to defend himself by Apple (Germany market docet) and Google has to defend Android by supposed GPL violations and Oracle attacks. Google offers a linux-based system and a java-based framework, mobile tech patents are not directly involved here. Looking at this panorama, Motorola had nothing to offer...

  • You do not need patents relevant to the ones you are alleged to be in violation of, you need patents that the other parties might be in violation of (patents are like nukes here, you need them to scare of attackers and hope that you will not have to us them).

  • So you are looking at this acquisition as a Google chance to acquire arms potentially useful to attack Microsoft or Apple (of course, also to use them as a a scarecrow)?
    This is not what I saw, I'm sorry. :-)

  • It's only my HO, no need to be sorry everyone has the right to have his own opinion and I'd love to be wrong on this one :)

  • Third party manufacturers like HTC need not be in trouble by this acquisition. It's pretty much the same situation as with Nokia/Symbian and the other vendors. And that worked pretty well.

    The pure reason - IMHO - behind this deal is to acquire a patent portfolio in order to strengthen Google's own position, especially against Apple and Microsoft.

    Added to that, it's not very unlikely that Google will sell the actual factories to someone else. They will hold the patents and develop the devices, but have some third party contract manufacturers actually building the next billion devices. Just like Apple does - not without success.

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