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UI Software Engineer interview questions

  • So I've done my previous googling and found interview questions for QT and QML about knowledge/trivia of the languages themselves.

    my question is does anyone have any experience/questions they've seen of UI Software Engineer interview questions?

    Is the coding round just stuff on leetcode?

    Beyond leecode type problems what else can I do to prepare?

    Hoping for previous interview questions related to UI development.

    When I google UI software engineer interview questions it's just front end web dev HTML CSS JS which isn't what I want.

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    Hi @i-dream-in-code,

    I've never attended a UI engineer interview before, but I'd imagine that there will be questions beyond coding too, on topics like:

    • User Experience (search Google for "UX interview questions"), including psychology
    • Design principles
    • Industry trends
    • Teamwork

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