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Getting localized names for Windows default folders

  • Hi :-)

    I can get some default path where I can create files via e. g. QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::DocumentsLocation) which works fine on both Linux and Windows. I also saw that one can get a localized name for the respective location via QStandardPaths::displayName.

    The "problem" is that, on Windows, the names of some default folders are displayed localized. For the above command, I get (using Windows 7) – according to the documentation – C:/Users/some_user/Documents. This is (probably?) the actual path on the disk. But what the user (with a German locale) sees is a translated version: C:/Benutzer/some_user/Eigene Dokumente in this case.

    So, not only the last folder is translated (the string I could get via the QStandardPaths::displayName call), but also the base directory.

    Is there a reliable standard Qt way to be able to display the directory names the user knows from his other Windows programs?

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    What does
    output ?

    Ah, you tried that.

  • It apprently describes the type of folder (like "Documents" or "Photos" or such), but it doesn't help translating the path.

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    Hmm, they are actually translated in explorer if you browse around ?

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    The folders seems to have the actual name.
    So if you look at path, dont they contain the translated names ?

    Sadly i dont have anything but english to test on :)

    But wont the path be translated in the returned string ?

  • Using the explorer, I see the translated names. Like "Benutzer → some_user → Eigene Dokumente". If I click on that address bar, I see the actual path "C:\Users\some_user\Documents". Of course, one only sees the difference on a non-English system …

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    Ok so it wont return
    c:\Users\xxxx ?

    I never noticed that.

  • @mrjj Exactly. Well, and that's also the actual path. But the displayed one differs.

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    Didnt find anything for getting the other names.
    Hopefully others have a good idea :)

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