C++ class members from qml

  • Hello !
    I want to read Q_PROPERTY of a member object, and display it in qml.

    I have a class A witch has a private member object from class B like this :
    class A
    //Q_PROPERTY QString localS = "localOK" this will work in qml : a.getLocalS
    B *b // class B has Q_PROPERTY QString testStr = "test" and getTestStr() getter
    In main.cpp, i set an instance of class 'A' in contextProperties
    A a;

    Now in main.qml i want to read b objects testStr

    //text : a.getLocalS this is OK
    text:a.b.getTestStr // this will not work

    How can i access b by a ?

    Is it possible to create Q_Property in A, witch returns my b ?
    Q_PROPERTY(B myB READ getB )
    *B getB(){
    return b;

    and then do :


    thank you in advance

  • Hi, @LeLev
    From Qt's doc:

    if the class itself is to be used as a method parameter or property, or if one of its enum types is to be used in this way — then the class may need to be registered.

    Registering C++ Types with the QML Type System

  • @medyakovvit Thx very much this is exactly what i was reading now ! :)
    I will try this tomorrow

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