Choosing PC for Programming. Fastests C++ app build

  • I am choosing hardware to build a PC.
    The ways I want to use it:

    1. Programming C++, Qt, Compiling, deploying
    2. Streaming how I am coding (not games)
    3. Virtualization. Running many instances of vms or dockers

    I do not need to play games at all. That is why I do not consider discrete video adapter.
    However for streaming it is needed to have nice integrated video chip.
    I want fastest M2 SSD and 32gb of fastest RAM
    The main concern is the CPU
    According to my tasks what criteria of choosing a CPU?
    Shall I choose AMD with many cores or stay with Intel which has better performance in games?

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    Whether you go with AMD or Intel does not matter (well, maybe it will matter to your wallet ;)). Go for high core count - the more cores (and HT), the faster your compilation will be.

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    @Kofr We have on AMD Ryzen 7 with 8 Cores (16 Hyperthreads) at work and the compilation speed is impressive. We use the system to build Yocto Linux images.

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