Debug/Release-only configuration in qmake

  • I need to copy some shared libraries to my output. I want debug versions of these libraries to be copied when building debug, release versions to be copied when building release. Here's part of my QML file:

    # Build Artifacts 
    cpqmldir.files = qmldir
    CONFIG(debug) {
      cpqmldir.files += \
        $${3RDPARTY_PATH}/foo/lib/ \
      message("OMG DEBUG")
    CONFIG(release) {
      cpqmldir.files += \
        $${3RDPARTY_PATH}/foo/lib/ \
      message("OMG RELEASE")
    cpqmldir.path = $$TOP_BUILDDIR/$$MODULE
    COPIES += cpqmldir

    However, whether I build in debug or release, I always see both "OMG DEBUG" and "OMG RELEASE", and both sets of libraries get copied.

    Why are both blocks being run? I must be confused by how CONFIG() is intended to be used.

    How do I prevent debug libraries from being copied in a release build?

    Linux 14.04x64, QMake v3.1 using Qt v5.9.3

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    Hi @Phrogz,

    The correct way to use the config scopes is like following:

    CONFIG(debug, debug|release) {
       # do debug things here
    CONFIG(release, debug|release) {
       # do release things here

    For more info see

  • @aha_1980 Thanks! I thought that debug|release was a bitwise or, saying "do this in debug or release modes". I don't understand the syntax at all, but blindly copying the syntax as you wrote works.

    More information on the syntax can be found here:
    What does the syntax CONFIG(debug,debug|release) mean? What does the 1st argument specify and similarly what is the 2nd?

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