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Possibility to configure a script filepath in Qtcreator options and read it in plugin code

  • I have a Qt creator plugin written where a perl script is called to perform the required functionality. The perl script is located in a specific path in my linux machine and there is a parameter passed to it. Currently I am invoking this perl script with the hardcoded path and parameter directly from my plugin. Whenever there is a change in the path or parameter of the perl script, my plugin code also got to be changed.

    Is there a possibility where I can configure the perl script path in some Tools-options of Qtcreator and read this path directly from plugin ? This will ensure plugin code remains untouched for any changes in perl script.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    As far as I know, there is not.
    But it seems possible to give a plugin command line parameters
    (Command Line Arguments)
    So you can start Creator with a shortcut with file path as param and
    it can be dynamic that way, i think.
    (it should pass the param to the plugin)

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