Install to docker volume fails

  • I've been installing in a Docker container using the online installer and an installer script. Now I want to move the install to a Docker volume so it can be shared between containers. The installer rightly senses that /tmp is on another volume than the install directory, but wrongly concludes that I have no free space in /tmp.

    [42581] Tmp is on a different volume than the installation directory. Tmp volume mount point: "" Free space available: "0.00 bytes" Install volume mount point: "/srv/build-deps" Free space available: "180.99 GiB"
    [42581] Installation space required: "1.57 GiB" Temporary space required: "706.70 MiB" Local repository size: "0.00 bytes"

    I've tried setting TMPDIR before installing, but that didn't help.

  • Setting TMPDIR=/srv/build-deps/temp works, but this must still be a bug?

  • I think you should address your question to the Docker forum...

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