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How to reference a indexWidget in a QTableView

  • I'm building a small QTableView (only 20 rows) with two columns: Name and Include. I want to use a QCheckBox in the include column, which is a bool type.

    for(int row = 0; row < mw->infoView->ok->rowCount(); row++) {
        QModelIndex idx = mw->infoView->ok->index(row,1);
        ui->infoFieldsTable->setIndexWidget(idx, new QCheckBox);
        // set state to match data model value
        ui->infoFieldsTable->indexWidget(idx);  // this is a QWidget, not a QCheckbox, so setCheckState not available

    This works to the extent that the table shows the data model information and I can update the data model if I do not add the QCheckBox.

    How do I reference the QCheckBox to update it to the data model value?

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    The items supports checkbox with Qt::ItemIsUserCheckable
    for the flags function.

    Qt::ItemFlags yourmodel::flags(const QModelIndex &index) const 
        Qt::ItemFlags result = yourbasemodel::flags(index);
        if (index.column() == COL_U_WANT ) {
            result |= Qt::ItemIsUserCheckable;
        return result;

    That said
    it just return as QWidget but you can cast it
    QWidget *wid= ui->infoFieldsTable->indexWidget(idx);
    QCheckBox *box= qobject_cast<QCheckBox *> ( wid )
    if (box) {

  • Thanks. I'll give that a go and report back. Much appreciated!

  • @mrjj Yes, that works. Thank you very much.

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