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[Solved] How to change background color of QWebView?

  • Hello everybody!
    I have a problem: i dont know how to change background color of QWebView. I make a small FB2 reader and use this class to show text on screen. And I want at any time change background color. I have overridden paintEvent, used method fill(), but when I set my html text ( setHtml() ), I cant see it. It turns out that the background blocks the text. How should i correct it?

  • If you really want to do it using paintEvent (not the best choice IMO), you have to call QWebView::paintEvent before doing your painting.
    However, I think it would be either better to do the change directly on the website (if possible, i.e. you own the website).
    Otherwise, you might try the QPalette and associated options.

  • Thanks, used QSS.

  • You welcome, please add [Solved] to the title of this thread (by editing the first post). Thanks.

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