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QUdpSocket Rebroadcaster

  • I'm developing a simple tray application which acts as a UDP socket re-broadcaster.

    One thing I have realised is that as I'm listening for UDP broadcasts, any re-broadcast sent out from my application is automatically picked up again and then re-broadcasted again and again and again.

    The setup code I have is as follows is:

    // Create a QUdpSocket to listen for Oculus status messages
    m_listener = new QUdpSocket(this);
    connect(m_listener, SIGNAL(readyRead()), this, SLOT(readDatagrams()));
    m_listener->bind(52102, QUdpSocket::ShareAddress | QUdpSocket::ReuseAddressHint);

    The code to read and re-broadcast is as follows:

    // Read through any available datagrams
    while (m_listener->hasPendingDatagrams())
        // Read the datagram out of the socket buffer
        QByteArray rx;
        m_listener->readDatagram(, rx.size());
        // Validate and modify the UDP packet...
        m_listener->writeDatagram(rx, QHostAddress::Broadcast, 52102);

    One possible solution could be to disconnect the readyRead signal during the writeDatagram phase so that it is not re-received by my application but this seems a little numb. Another possible solution would be to check the "source IP" address during the readyRead slot.

    Are there any better solutions?

  • instead of using m_listener->readDatagram you could use m_listener->receiveDatagram that contains the sender address. then just compare the sender address with yours and if they are the same ignore it

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