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Does not open file in Qt

  • Hi!
    I'm trying to open and read an .obj file but i am unable to do so.
    My code is
    0_1512208577863_Captura de pantalla 2017-12-02 a las 10.53.35.png
    My problem is that in the first If it returns false and I don't know why.
    My file is in the .qrc and also in the path ("Users/carolina/unchocolatito2").
    If someone could help it would be great

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    Are you sure path is correct ?

    I feel it should be "/Users/carolina/unchocolatito2"

  • Hi! Thank you for replying me. I have changed what you said but it still doesn't work.

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    Ok not sure what linux you are on, my Users folder is called home

    If you open shell
    and do
    cd /Users/carolina/unchocolatito2
    does that work? ( meaning it change to there)

    If you put file in a qres file. then find file in Creator, and right click it. You can
    the copy path.

    alt text

    And use that ":/xxxx" path where you have todojuntolabio.obj now

  • Thank you so much. My computer is a macOs but I just did what you said about copying the path and now it works.
    Now I have this problem.
    0_1512212995342_Captura de pantalla 2017-12-02 a las 12.07.36.png
    When I try to click in qvector.h it says that the file doesn't exist or I don't have permission

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    It says you are using a where xxx is larger than the numbers of items in the list
    (or list is empty )

    Can you paste the code ? ( the image only shows top of it)
    ( you can just use the </> button in editor and paste the real code )

  • @mrjj here it is

    void QObj3dReader::parseObjFile(const QString &fileName,
                                    QStringList &comments,
                                    QVector<QOpenGLTriangle3D> &triangles)
        QFile file(fileName);
            if( | QFile::Text))
                QVector<QVector3D> v, vn;
                 qDebug() << "se abre";
                    QString line = file.readLine().trimmed();
                    QStringList lineParts = line.split(QRegularExpression("\\s+"));
                    if(lineParts.count() > 0)
                        // if it's a comment
                        if("#", Qt::CaseInsensitive) == 0)
                            comments.append(line.remove(0, 1).trimmed());
                        // if it's a vertex position (v)
                        else if("v", Qt::CaseInsensitive) == 0)
                        // if it's face data (f)
                        // there's an assumption here that faces are all triangles
                        else if("f", Qt::CaseInsensitive) == 0)
                            QOpenGLTriangle3D triangle;
                            // get points from v array
                            triangle.p1 ="/").at(0).toInt() - 1);
                            triangle.p2 ="/").at(0).toInt() - 1);
                            triangle.p3 ="/").at(0).toInt() - 1);
                            // get normals from vn array
                            triangle.p1Normal ="/").at(2).toInt() - 1);
                            triangle.p2Normal ="/").at(2).toInt() - 1);
                            triangle.p3Normal ="/").at(2).toInt() - 1);

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    From a quick look
    It dont seem you append anything to the vn vector and then later do
    triangle.p1Normal =

    alt text

    So its empty and u try to get element.

  • Thank you so much!!
    I was trying different ways to try to open a file that doing copy and paste I forgot some lines of the code. Now it works.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Super :)
    Notice that
    lines such at"/").at(2)
    will give same kind of error if format is different and split returns an empty list.

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