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[SOLVED] showing the dialog in a different way

  • I am trying to load up the dialog in a different way so that the mainwindow does not continue to read the next line in code until the dialog is closed. is this possible? below is the code that i think will work but i am getting an error... expected primary-expression before '*' token

    the loginBox is the name to my dialog.

  • Can you show us the code line where that error refers to? And also the ones just before it.

  • A modal dialog via
    is probably what you want

  • here are the two lines. the last line gives the error.

    no i don't want login->exec because i can't see the mainwindow

  • So, it's not really a dialog... Are you sure your error "expected primary-expression before ‘*’ token" is on that line?

  • yes. the loginBox is the name of the dialog. expected primary-expression before ')' token. my first post did not save the error correctly.

  • You'll have to show us the rest of the code (particularly where you are declaring you loginBox).

  • i am not declaring the loginbox in the header. only at the mainwindow.cpp file.

    @MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent) :
    ui(new Ui::MainWindow)
    login = new loginBox(this);



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    According to this code, you're not declaring it in the .cpp file either.

    To declare the variable, you need to add (to your mainwindow.h file)

    loginBox * login;

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