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[Solved]Context menu

  • Hellow, i have connect
    @connect(tabWidget->getCurrentTabBar(), SIGNAL(customContextMenuRequested(const QPoint &)),this, SLOT(showContextTabMenu(const QPoint &)));@
    getCurrentTabBar - is my function, it return point to QTabBar
    Slot showContextTabMenu:

    void RizekMath::showContextTabMenu(const QPoint &pos)
    qDebug() << "call menu!!!";
    //other actions

    But this slot never call, why?
    In advance, thank for help!

    [EDIT: code formatting, Volker]

  • This information is not enough to provide any assistance.

    Did you get any information when connecting the slot?
    Furthermore, you can check the return value of the connect to make sure that the connect has been doen properly.

  • Can you give us header of your RizekMath?

  • Oh sorry for anxietym i found my error.
    I was very inconsiderate.
    Thank all for try to help!

  • What was it? Please tell us, and then please mark the post as [Solved], thanks.

  • [quote author="Ruzik" date="1313220536"]
    Thank all for try to help![/quote]
    We did not make in fact nothing, but you are welcome :-)

  • I fogot to call function setContextMenuTabWidget(); and create menu

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