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Disable Sub-Pixel-Antialiasing for Text component?

  • Hi, Qt specialists.
    Since the Sub-Pixel-Antialiasing performs bad on some transparent backgrounds especially when rendering small fonts, how could I disable this feature?

    sub-pixel-antialiasing enabled:
    sub-pixel-antialiasing disabled:

    I think setting QFont::NoSubpixelAntialias style strategy might help, but it seems that's impossible to do it with a Text component in QML.

    Environment: Windows 10 with Qt 5.9 x64

    Thank you for any ideas.

  • Hi! Setting renderType to Text.NativeRendering usually yields better results than the default:

    Text { text: "Hello"; renderType: Text.NativeRendering; }

  • Thanks for your advice, Wieland.
    That doesn't remove the artificial colors completely, but the results now become acceptable.

    Thank you so much!

  • Finally, I found that using FreeType as Qt's font engine would get the best result when rendering over transparent background for both large and small font glyphs.
    This could be done using qt.conf:

    WindowsArguments = fontengine=freetype

    or using command line argument:

    <application> -platform windows:fontengine=freetype

    Note that this won't remove artificial colors for sub-pixel-antialiasing, to disable it, add these lines in your Text component:

        style: Text.Outline
        styleColor: "transparent"

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