Automated Tools to Convert Visual Studio Project to Qt???

  • Does anyone know of any automated tools that will convert the GUI portion
    a Visual Studio project into the Qt ".ui" file? I have a Visual Studio project
    that I would like to convert to Qt. It has a lot of forms, tabs, etc. and I was
    hoping there was some way to create (at least a first version of) the main .ui
    file in Qt. If not, any suggestions/advice on how to go about converting
    a Visual Studio project (written in c#) into a C++, Qt application?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • I think that only one way exists - do it manually.

  • AFAIK yes,
    I know no conversion tools from C# forms to Qt ui files.
    Even, porting the pur UI definition is the smallest part, isn't it?

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