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Editing QML files in Design mode

  • I have a gui project written in qml. It contains many custom qml files as well. The project runs well on "Run" mode. But I am not able to make changes to the UI( qml files) through "Design" mode. Can smebody offer some help in this regard? I want to make changes to the UI visually through "Design" rather than editing the qml files.

  • Hi @akhilprsd

    AFAIK , if your qml files are not created with qt designer you can not edit them with qt quick designer,

    To edit qml files with qt quick designer , files must be created as Qt Quick UI Forms

  • Hi @mostefa

    Thanks for the reply. The files are created using Qt quick UI. For simple qml files, I am able to make changes using the "Design" option. But when the entire project is loaded in "design" mode, styles provided in root is not being shown.

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