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[SOLVED] [MOVED] Account Restore

  • Hallo,

    can you tell me, how can i restore my accidentily erased Account: zerdayiso (Deleted Member # 3a42)?


  • Hi again,

    The superadmins will have to do this if it's possible.

    here is the "link to the last forum post": where some name changes occurred. Maybe this helps in finding it back in the database.

  • Where can i found the superadmins?

  • I already notified them about your request.

  • For future, list of super admins you can find "here":

  • Thanks a lot.

    I will wait and hope! :)

  • Hi, the account is not deleted, but all the info is erased, like e-mail, password, screen name etc.

    So in theory we can revive the account if you send us your e-mail address (mail me). Then we will make up a password and you can use the forgotten password feature to regain access. You will have to change the screen name as well, once back in.

    We haven't done it before, so it might not work. Worth a try though :)

  • @sladurko: Do you want the account restored just so you can delete your -threads- post content? (I have that request from you, pending) or do you actually want to revive the account with us? (hope so :) )

  • Hello mariusg,

    i can use this account (sladurko) for new posts in this forum. So this is ok. You do not need to make the work with the account restore.

    The reason was that there is sensible information for me on these threads/posts (zerdayiso (Deleted Member # 3a42)). Could you please delete them so there is no data of my old account, posts and threads?

    At now i will post my new messages with this new one.

    Thanks a lot for this speedy reaction!


  • I've discussed this with Alexandra and we have agreed to removing the old threads you have requested, for the reasons you specify.

    The people that helped you will get bonus points to make up for the removed content. That is eddy, rokemoon and loladiro.

    That should, in theory, make everyone happy.

    Please no more sensible data though ;)

  • Update: Threads removed now and bonus points added for the helpers.

  • No more such data from me! I promise! :)

    p.s. the Helpers are very friendly people. They helped me with much new information about Qt C++. I hope this will go so on with my new account! :)

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