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How to enable debug for QDom objects (xml parsing)

  • Hi, I am new on Qt environment AND linux environment.
    In my project I need to read and search into xml files, then write it.
    My problem is when i run in debug mode my application, on break-point I can see the properties of my own class objects, i can see properties of some Qt objects, but in can't see properties of my QDomElement object (as example).
    I can only see a "property" : "impl" with something like a memory address (like a pointer).

    One more thing, same application running on debug mode on windows environment (with QTCreator 5.9.1 too) , we can see the properties of that QDomElement object.

    Someone can help me ? I think it is only some configuration issue due to my inexperience on linux environment, but i'm stuck.

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