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Where is QtDemo in the QtSDK 1.1.2

  • I just installed the latest SDK (QtSDK 1.1.2). Now I'm searching for the QtDemo. The documentation says: "On Windows, click the Start button, open the Programs submenu, open the Qt 4 submenu, and click Examples and Demos." But there is no "Qt 4" submenu, there is only a "Qt SDK" submenu.

    I know I can build qtdemo myself using "Qt Creator". But that gives me only the launcher application. It cannot find the included samples. Building all samples doesn't work either. The compiler stops somewhere with an error message (Qt 4.7.3).

    What am I missing?

  • have a look at this "thread. ":
    This has been asked a lot before on devnet. In short, it should be there, it's in bugtracker already. follow the links and you can vote for it.

  • Moved to the installation and deployment subforum.

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