Gaps in QLineSeries

  • Hi all,
    does the QLineSeries support gaps in the data, like QCustomPlot or MS Excel does?
    I can see that invalid points are not added to the list, if they're not valid - in charthelpers_p.h isValidValue method, which is used in QXYSeries in append, insert and replace funs.
    By all means, I'm not an expert, but by looking at the QLineChartItem::updateGeometry(), one would need to put linePath.moveTo(; instead of linePath.lineTo(; when the loop finds out that the point is not to be displayed (say Y coordinate is invalid). The problem is that the QLineChartItem class is, well, private, so to speak.
    Is there a way to introduce gaps in the line chart, or whatever chart type is available, or one would need to create a list of line series items?


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