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Moving message board

  • Hi,
    Does anybody know a lightweight way to create message board where single line of message dynamically moves from left to right(like animation).
    The message can be a real-time news or stock information. This is something like an electric board that we can see at bank or securities company.

    I guess there’s no built-in function in qt, so I have to subclass QLabel, QTextEdit or something.
    But one thing I’m not sure is how to achieve that.
    Do I repeat clearing the message string in the class and re-assign at the next position, and then, do the same?
    Is this the only way?

    I’m using pyqt5.9.1 on Win7.


  • @ShinSat Hi, friend. Welcome.

    In the Qt help manual. You search Wiggly Example keywords. This is one QWidget example shows how to animate of Hello world in math sine curve sin. Wiggly Example

    If you familiar with QML. It's easy. just Add Animation in item. Like the NumberAnimation. There are examples in Qt Help manual. Just search keyword is Ok.

  • @joeQ Thank you very much for your help! I'll try and get back to you!!


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