Qt3D: Synchronize with frame rate?

  • Hello,

    is there a signal when Qt3D has finished rendering a frame or swaps the display buffers? What is the mechanism to synchronize animations with the actual frame rate?

    Thanks in advance

  • To get a per-frame callback, include QFrameAction and add one as a component to a node in your scene.

    #include <QFrameAction>
    #include <QEntity>
        Qt3DCore::QEntity *root;
        Qt3DLogic::QFrameAction *fa = new Qt3DLogic::QFrameAction;
        fa->connect( fa, SIGNAL(triggered(float)), &some_controller, SLOT(update()) );

    And the root node's FrameAction component will trigger the single every frame. In practice, I think you can probably also get about the same effect by making a QTimer with zero timeout. After rendering a frame, the mainloop will be idle and trigger the idle timer. But it won't be guaranteed to be entirely in sync.

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