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TextFinder example running standalone on win7 - runtime error 0xc0150002

  • Hi folks,

    Newbie to Qt here and very enthused about getting into the IDE and building apps with it. Hoping someone can help with a small amount of trouble I'm having.

    I've created the simple desktop widget app called "TextFinder" (from tutorial/examples in docn), and I've managed to get my win7 PC's env variables set up appropriately such that when I run the "TextFinder.exe" app that gets built I don't get complaints about missing DLLs, however the program doesn't start and I get this error message:

    TextFinder.exe - Application Error
    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0150002). Click OK to close the application.

    I have a window 7 (ultimate) - 64 bit OS. I've installed the Qt binaries, and also installed and am trying the qt-win-commercial-4.7.3-vs2008 set of packages too. I have never had VS2005, or VS2008 installed on this computer (prior to whatever was installed by the Qt installers.) I searched within the Qt site for "0xc0150002" and didn't come up with anything relevant.

    The best I can come up with in a general google search is that I might need to reinstall the VS2005 and/or VS2008 redistributables, but unclear if I should install the (x86) ones, or the (x64), or both? Or all of the above? (Linux frequently needs 32 and 64 bit libs installed for programs to run, not sure about the PC).

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

    Edit: I may be wrong about not having VS2005 or VS2008 installed on the computer before - there's a long list of Visual C++ Redistributables listed in the "Programs and Features" control panel - all of which appear to have been installed at various points in the past, I just don't recall having installed them myself.

  • [quote]
    I have never had VS2005, or VS2008 installed on this computer (prior to whatever was installed by the Qt installers.)
    You do know that you still need the compiler, right?

  • I was using mingw to compile the program.

  • If you are using mingw to compile the program, then you need the mingw-compiled Qt libraries, they are not binary compatible with the MSVC ones.

  • Thank you loladiro - any thoughts on how I fix it? I have only just installed the SDK and the commericial eval - should I ditch the commercial eval since it seems to require VS2008? It's not clear to me how to proceed - I've just installed the two apps (SDK and commerical eval) yesterday and am new to programming apps on a PC, so please assume I've fairly ignorant of PC programming environment details. I appreciate your help.

  • PS - I was just using QT Creator to build the app - nothing to do with anything that came bundled with the commercial setup.

  • Also - when I "Run" the example program in QT Creator, it runs fine, for what that's worth.

  • You have two options:

    • Get Visual Studio (Express, if you don't own a license)
    • Get the MinGW version of the commercial version of Qt (there is one)

  • Cool - thanks loladiro.

  • BTW - installing Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express, plus adding the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin" to my PATH env variable (so Qt can find nmake) seemed to do the trick! Thanks again Loladiro.

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