[Moved] How to find the active GStreamer video decoder plugin instance from the Phonon GStreamer backend?

  • Hi,

    I have a custom GStreamer video decoder plugin to which I would like to pass couple of parameters through Phonon GStreamer interface. For that I should find the decoder plugin interface instance from the Phonon GStreamer backend video pipeline.

    My setup is:

    • Qt 4.7 release candidate
    • Ubuntu Linux
    • Custom GStreamer video decoder plugin (autoplugin)

    I know that that the decoder instance is somewhere ;) in the objects that are handled by the mediaobject:

    The problem is just in which one of the objects. Is it in the decodebin (should be there???), pipeline, videograph, ????
    If someone could help me to find it, it would be really nice...Even the information about the fact that is the plugin loaded to the system as GstPad or GstElement might help me to find it.

    My custom video decoder plugin is working OK, and I can play videos using it. So the plugin itself is loaded correctly to the system, and is operational, but the decoder instance is just lurking somewhere, and I cannot find it...

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