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How dont close the dialog window if Ok in ButtonBox is clicked but some condition is not true

  • If the WidgetCell will empty when I press OK it closes, but I would like it doesn't close, hope your ideas help me to resolve the problem, thanks.
    0_1510418406469_Capture10.PNG my code

  • Hi,

    You need to control in real time your QLineEdits (with textEdited() signal I presume)
    checking the validity of them in the slot method and enabled the OK button accordingly:

    QPushButton * okBut=ui->buttonBox->button(QDialogButtonBox::Ok);
    if(valid) // all the fields are valid

    You problably also need to set the OK button to false (disabled) when the dialog show up.

  • @mpergand thanks,Yes you are right I do it in a such way
    connect(line, SIGNAL(textChanged(const QString &)), this, SLOT(DBsearching(const QString &)));
    void Dialog::DBsearching(const QString & s)
    for(int row = 0; row<ui->tableWidget->rowCount();row++)
    QLineEdit l = ui->tableWidget->cellWidget(row,2)->findChild<QLineEdit>();

  • So, is your issue/question resolved or not? If so please mark the post as solved.

  • @kenchan The question is resolved (what to click to mark as resolved could you help)

  • There should be a menu item to set the post as resolved in the "Topic Tools" menu drop down on the right of the reply and other buttons.
    Usually under your original post.

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