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QCamera Problems

  • Hi,

    I am doing a development project in C++ using 5.9. (I am using Visual Studio 2015) (I have Qt experience in the past, but not much multi-media work). The application requires I use the QCamera with two dialog boxes. (But not at the same time) I wrote the code so each time I created each of the two dialog boxes, I created a new camera, camera view finder...... This worked some time, but often, after the first dialog box closed, I could not get the second dialog box properly going. The crash was always an access violation. It was always deep in Qt (like more than 10 function calls in).

    I tried just creating one camera and view finder, and them passing them around between the two dialog boxes as the user brings them up. This also works some time, but crashes in a similar way.

    I have read on line that some people have been having trouble deleting a camera with crashes similar to mine.

    One basic problem is that the problem seems very inconsistence in that some times this works and sometimes it doesn't. I don't have *.pdb files for the Qt code, so debugging it is not possible.

    Question 1: Is the Camera 'solid' when working with C++?
    Question 2: Is there anything obvious I should try to understand this. I am running out of ideas.
    Question 3: Does it make any sense to re-compile Qt under Visual Studio, so I can get symbols for the libraries. Are there any web pages that detail this approach.

    Thanks for you help

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    Is this not such symbols - pdb ?

  • This is a bug in 5.9.0. The newer version 5.9.2 does not have the crash problem

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