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Qt App Manager

  • Hello,

    I try to understand how Qt Application Manager works (from the official site), but not much success. That's why I would have some general questions on you:

    1. Why it was created? What is it's purpose?
    2. On what kind of platforms can run? (win, linux, mac, embedded, etc.)

    If you give me a short example of code would be great.

    Many thanks,

  • @Dean331
    Hi Welcome to the forum,

    It is a interface between application and operating system and hardware devices. It handles all the activities like displaying gui and event handling.

    For example,
    If user press any keys from keyboard then application manager identifies the key and pass it to application level and let the application to react as per the user keys. in program we wont be handle all these explicitly. this is how Application manager works.

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    @Dean331 said in Qt App Manager:

    Qt Application Manager

    Do you mean this ?

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