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QtCreatorDeployment.txt in Make project (not CMake!)

  • I have a Make project that is targetted at an embedded device. I have set up the Kit information fine, and the exe builds and runs fine.

    However I wanted to use the remote deployment tools in Qt Creator to make my life easier - unfortunately my QtCreatorDeployment.txt file seems to be ignored as there are no entries in the 'Files to deploy' table in the 'Run Settings' page.

    My QtCreatorDeployment.txt is simply:


    I've also tried:


    The documentation seems to be geared towards CMake, but surely the deployment mechanism is project type agnostic?

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    Hi @camm,

    Grepping for "QtCreatorDeployment.txt" in Creators sources only gives results in cmakeproject.cpp. I know that the QMake project managers uses the INSTALL lines from .pro file.

    I'm currently not aware of any deployment actions for the Generic (= Makefile-based) Project. You may file a suggestion on

    Till then you have the following possibilities:

    1. Add the deploy steps to your makefile and let it deploy on every build
    2. Add a custom run configuration, so the exe is deployed whenever you choose run (under Projects -> Run Setting)
    3. Add an External Tool that does the deployment for you (you can assign a shortcut also): Tools -> External -> Configure

  • Thanks for looking @aha_1980, I'll file a suggestion.

    I'm currently just using another terminal to scp over my exe, but adding as a run step (i.e. your point 2) is slicker.

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