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Web development

  • Hi all
    I've worked with ASP.NET for many years
    Now I'm in the research domain with Linux
    I know I can use ASP.NET in mono project, but I feel It's always behind Microsoft ASP.NET.

    I want to learn a new web development programming language, but really I'm so confused.
    I'm working with Qt for 3 months, I love it so much although it's very difficult, I need a programming language that is easy to use for C++ programmer, I know there is PHP, Perl, Python the only one dedicated to web applications is PHP.

    Do you suggest any other language,my concern is with fast learning, and good IDE
    As a C++ programmers what is your favourite language?


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    For web development, I would suggest Ruby on Rails or Python. For everything else - Qt/ C++ :D

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