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Textfield validator.

  • Hi

    In that textfield, i need signal for entering invalid value or skipped by validator.

    For Ex:

    placeholderText: 'value'
    validator: IntValidator {bottom: 0; top: 9;}
    if i enter first digit in number, it will accept and displayed in textfied. if I enter second digit, the validator skip second digit. I need signal for skipped value in the validator.

    Any signal is available for validator skipped values?

  • Hi @eswar

    the documentation does not mention any signals concerning validation, just virtual functions. E.g. using validate you could implement your own signals. How to make them available in QML is another topic, though.


  • @m-sue Hi

    thank you for your reply.

    How can i implement own signal in validator? I can't get your point.
    Any other possible solution or methods to implement this logic?

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