Local client socket not emitting error when server not running

  • Hi,

    I have a local client socket and it works fine i.e. connects to local (Unix domain) server , receives data.

    But when server is not running it does not emit the error signal, below is the code.


    void ClientThread::serverConnect()
        //Connect to the local notification srever
        socket = new QLocalSocket(this);
        qDebug() << "Client thread: connecting to notification server\n";
        qDebug() << "Client thread: connected to server";
        connect(socket, SIGNAL(readyRead()), this, SLOT(readMsg()), Qt::DirectConnection);   
        connect(socket, SIGNAL(error(QLocalSocket::LocalSocketError)),
                    this, SLOT(displayError(QLocalSocket::LocalSocketError)));
    void ClientThread::displayError(QLocalSocket::LocalSocketError socketError)
        switch (socketError) {
            case QLocalSocket::ServerNotFoundError:
            qDebug() << "Client thread: The host was not found. Please check the "
                        "host name and port settings.";
            case QLocalSocket::ConnectionRefusedError:
                 qDebug() << "Client thread: The connection was refused by the peer. "
                                            "Make sure the fortune server is running, "
                                            "and check that the host name and port "
                                            "settings are correct.";
            case QLocalSocket::PeerClosedError:
             qDebug() << "Client thread: peer closed error.";
               qDebug() << "Client thread: The following error occurred: " << socket->errorString();

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    have you tried connecting to the disconnected() signal?

  • Yes , that also does not work, I think disconnected() works when connection is disconnected at run time after successful connection.

  • @nitks.abhinav
    Try to put "connect(socket" lines before this one:


  • Yes it worked, but its strange it should be dynamic. Anyways, Thanks.

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