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Debugging stl objects with QtCreator 4.4.1

  • Hi,

    I am trying to debug an old code using std objects. It is on MinGW32 on windows. For a while debugging std objects seems to be a problem in Creator as they are marked not accessible. Please see screen shot of example.

    Creator used to be the best tool but debugging with minGW was always iffy. However in the latter releases, since about 3.2, it got rather difficult.
    I tried various Qt versions and the associated minGW compilers up until Qt 5.9.2.

    Am I missing a trick somewhere? is there a solution of getting std object working again?


  • It seems, that if I open Debugger log, right click and select reload debugger helpers, than it works as expected. However I need to do it every time the debugging is started. I guess the question is whether it is possible to automatically load debugger helpers when the debug session starts?

  • @nyakacs

    Did you check under "Tools"->"Options"->"Debugger"->"Locals&Expressions" that the "Use Debugging Helper" are checked?

  • Yes, it is checked. Also the right clicking on the Locals & Expression pane shows a tick mark in front of "Use Debug Helpers" . It does not make a difference.

  • @nyakacs

    I do not see those problems on windows 10 with latest Qt creator 4.4.1, but I am debugging Qt 5.4.2.

    Did you install MinGW separately?

    My installation is standard with online installer. No self-compiled stuff. Also MinGW is installed through online installer.

    IIRC I had such issues way back with a self-installed MinGW version for 64 bit. I had to install a different version of GDB. However, the pattern does not match in my opinion, because you can activate through reload.

    When you have to reload after restart of your PC and/restart of Qt creator, it might worth to check on JIRA and eventually file a bug report.

    If you have MinGW installed separately, I recommend to check with a version installed through online installer.

  • It is win10 with the Qt creator 4.4.1. There is no self installed part.It was installed with the on-line installer together with MinGW. I have however and older installation of Qt5.3.1 in a different folder. That was installed also with the installer and no changes were made to it. I keep it as a reference. I found that anything newer than that has some rough edges.

    To check that the problem was not Qt version or compiler dependent, I made the sample project and compiled with various versions all from the on-line installer. I tried the latest 4.9.2 as well. It is all the same.

    However, I have not made a fresh install for some time. I always update creator and other components with the online updater.

    I found a new problem related to the debugger. It seems that the "Re-run this run configuration" button does something interesting. It restarts the debugger, as it should, but than after some time, it just stops with the debugging has finished message. Using the main Debug button however works every time. I wander if these are related issues.

  • @nyakacs

    My fresh installation of Qt after change of PC is about 2 month ago with an update to recent Qt creator 4.4.1

    There are some files on AppData which might be corrrupted, but I do not know details. Therefore, I cannot give you advice.

    If you are doing a fresh installation after removing the Qt installation, ît might be a good idea to erase those folders on AppData/Local/QtConfig and AppData/remote/QtConfig. However, you are loosing all setups and it is IMHO worth to make backup copy upfront.

  • It might help to disable Options -> Debugger -> GDB -> Load .gdbinit file on startup and Load system GDB pretty printers.

    I'm not on Windows, but it might be a similar issue..

  • Thanks for this Adam. It seems that disabling Load .gdbinit does the trick. Do you know why this is a problem?

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