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  • Hey guys, so here's the thing.. I'm making a cross-compiled program (to armv6) with uses qt4.7.. the project is also compiled to linux so i can easilly test it out, and i'm using qt 5.5 for that

    When i compile a qtwebkit (with the desktop version) i'm able to run fine, but when i change kit to the 4.7 i get the error "QtWebKit/QtWebKit: no such file or directory"

    The question is: can i install webkit for this 4.7? Because i searched to download and one of the requirements was that qt version is 5.0 or above; or is it better to make this web browser with other library (if so, which one?)

    Really appreciate the attention guys, cya!

  • @M.Gimenez You shouldn't really use any QtWebKit released for Qt 4 if your intention is to display web content. Version that was shipped with Qt 4.7 is based on WebKit branch from 2010 [1]. If you can, you should upgrade to Qt 5.

    Error that you are getting means that your Qt was configured without QtWebKit module, you need to rebuild Qt or build QtWebKit for your Qt separately.

    [1] https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/QtWebKitRelease20

  • @Konstantin-Tokarev I'm afraid that FriendlyARM only sent this version of Qt.. i'm gonna try to search for another version online, otherwise, ill try to manually install.

    Thanks, bro. I really appreciate the attention!

  • @M.Gimenez You should compile Qt yourself, with the same toolchain as you use for compiling your own code

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