Drag & Drop do not working when using UAC

  • Hello ~

    When using QT, some functions such as Drag & Drop do not work when using UAC.

    Windows 7 (Vista) or later due to User Interface Privilege Isolation (UIPI) policy
    I understand that when UAC is used, the transmission of messages between the high-privilege application and the low-privilege application is blocked.

    I know that there are usually two ways to fix this problem:
    1.Add a blocked message using ChangeWindowMessageFilter
    2.Manifest file settings •uiAccess = 'true'
    •Executable file digital signature
    •Run from program files location

    By the way...
    In the application created by QT, both of the above methods do not work.
    (Note that the first method works well for applications created with MFC.)

    I would like to create an application by adding the ChangeWindowMessageFilter ...
    (because the manifest setting method has many restrictions such as signatures ...)

    If there is any further blocking of the Window Message in QT,
    How to do the Window Message control,
    I wonder if there is any other setting method that can be used instead of ChangeWindowMessageFilter.

    I would appreciate your reply in this regard.
    Thank you.

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