[Qt 5.9.2] [offline installer] [Windows10] QtCreator is not able to debug (step in) Qt source files

  • Hi guys!
    I remember in the past, I downloaded the offline installer, setup pathes to the Qt sorces, and could freely debug the Qt sources (step in into Qt libraries functions). Now, I downloaded the latest version of the offline installer (Qt 5.9.2), installed Qt together with the sources, pointed the pathes to the Qt Sources (C:\Qt\Qt5.9.2\5.9.2\Src) in the debugger settings and nothing works. I can not go inside the sorts of Qt ... What could be the matter?
    P.S.: My debugger pathes in the attachment
    alt text

  • The same problem on Ubuntu 16.04 +Qt 5.9.2.
    0_1508494493551_Снимок экрана от 2017-10-20 11-34-35.png

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