Install Qt 5 on Ubuntu - problem - ~/.local/share/applications

  • Hello to everyone,

    I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 and I struggle at very first step - to install QT. It seems that this problem hasn't been discussed before so I decided to create a new topic.

    I follow this guide and I stumbled almost at its end.

    "Create a file named “Qt-Creator.desktop” and fill the file with the following...."


    "Place this file in home .local/share/applications"


    "Edit a file named "defaults.list" in the same directory. Add the following line...."


    There is no such file in that directory. I also searched for all other .local folders on my drive and it seems that I'm in the correct and the only one. The analogous problem occurs in the next stem where I'm asked to "open file mimeapps.list..." which is also not there. All I can see in the directory of concern can be previewed below.

    andrej@Andrej-M4800:~/.local/share/applications$ ls -a
    .   DigiaQt-qtcreator-community.desktop  Qt-MaintenanceTool.desktop
    ..  Qt-Creator.desktop

    I also tried to restart the machine, think about it for a couple of days on my own, google a lot but with no results. I would appreciate any ideas.

    Lastly, I'm new to QT and to this forum so I hope I've chosen the correct section to discuss this problem.

    Many thanks,


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you use the latest version available rather than the version pointed by the guide ?

  • Hi, thanks.

    Yes, I did choose the latest version - Qt 5.9.2 - instead of the one in the tutorial.

    Screenshot here.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Take a look at this thread answer, you might be looking at the wrong place for that file.

  • SGaist, thanks for the idea. So if I'm correct, you suggest me to replace "applications" in the path ".local/share/applications" for something else. However, in the upper-level directory "share" I can't see any relevant folder as you can see below.

    andrej@Andrej-M4800:~/.local/share$ ls
    applications            kactivitymanagerd         totem
    evolution               keyrings                  Trash
    gegl-0.3                mime                      ubuntu-amazon-default
    gnome-software          nautilus                  unity-settings-daemon
    gsettings-data-convert  previews                  unity-webapps
    gvfs-metadata           recently-used.xbel        webkitgtk
    icc                     session_migration-ubuntu  zeitgeist
    icons                   sounds

    What is more, I even can't find any of the .list files mentioned in the guide anywhere in my PC.

    andrej@Andrej-M4800:~$ find -name "*.list"

    Any other ideas?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    You find command doesn't go through all of your machine just the curent folder, likely you home directory.

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