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QTableView: Cells value gets cleared when editing

  • I am using a QTableView with Custome Model and delegates, I have the following issue:

    • I am not able to edit a cell , when the data from backened is refreshing the view very fast, during editing the cell keeps on refeshing as the speed of data from backened is fast not allowing me to edit from UI
    • But if somehow I stop the udpates for a while I am allowed to do normal Editing in cell

    Please advise how can we :

    • Disable the cell/row from being updated when the user is performing the edit on the cell

    Relevant Question on StackoverFlow:

  • The answer in stackoverflow is correct.

    Is there no other way to get notified when an Edit begins?

    just declare and emit your custom signal in the delegate subclass

    Remember 1 model can service multiple views so, normally, the model should not depend on the state of the view or delegate