QOpenGLFrameBufferObject blitting with QOpenGLWidget

  • I am upgrading a Qt4 app to Qt5. On the Qt4 side I have a QGLWidget with a separate thread that does all the rendering. I have updated both of these to follow the mechanism described in the QOpenGLWidget docs and seen in the Qt5 examples. My scfreens updates are a bit jerky on the Qt5 side, so I want to try and use blitting as mentioned in the QOpenGLWidget docs to see if there is any improvement. I tried by creating a QOpenGLFrameBufferObject in the rendering thread and then used the fbo handles to call glBlitNamedFramebuffer but I always had a seg fault.

    How do you properly blit as mentioned in th Qt docs?

    Note: I am very new to opengl and the Qt4 app was written previously. I'm just updating it.

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