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[solved] QProgressBar which shows busy indicator customized with style sheet

  • Does anyone know how to customize QProgressBar with style sheet when it shows busy indicator( its maximum value is 0)?
    I know there is a chunk sub-control, but will it work when not displaying steps?

  • what OS are you on?
    What do you mean about busy indicator?
    -if you set the chunk margin to 0-.

    maybe an image of what you want to achieve can help or even the stylesheet you have used so far.

  • I am doing my progress bar on Symbian and by busy indicator I mean indicator which does not display percentage steps, it only indicates that something is loading.
    Currently I am not using any style sheet, I just read that chunk sub-control can be customized.
    I wonder how to do it to show busy/loading indicator without showing progress.

    On the other hand after loading my app on the phone I can see that default progress indication is Ok so maybe this post isn't necessary :)

    // Sorry!

  • No problem.

    Could you edit your title and add [solved] ?

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